So we recently went ran into an issue that a lot of developers run into, having issues with sending and receiving emails involving wordpress, contact form 7 plugin, domain hosts, mx records, cname…etc. A lot of time with tech support and really not getting the problem solved. Our particular issue was that the contact form worked fine, whomever filled the form got an auto response email. The issue was when the to: was set to an email with the same domain name. The form would never be received. Hopefully that made sense. Basically if the contact form 7 to field was set to on the website he would not receive it.

So the site is hosted on Bluehost and the domain dns are setup on Godaddy where they are running Outlook 365.
We setup an email account on bluehost the default mx record was set to: @ 14400
we changed it to be the same mx record setting that was on Godaddy @ 3600.
After about a few hours the people using email address were receiving the forms. Also on GoDaddy make
sure your mx is set to remote exchange. Through research that is an issue too.

So I hope that helps someone out there doing the work trying to make it all work.