Capital House Media has partnered with Yext

Our services go beyond graphic and web design. We often say it’s great that you have a nice functioning website, or a great logo or brand develop but your marketing cannot stop there. A lot of businesses are reluctant to invest in data management. They don’t understand the importance of having your business listed on multiple directories. They just assume I never go on these websites so why does it matter? It’s these mistakes that businesses make and don’t invest in them that affect their total ROI in the future and give digital marketing a bad rap.

We recently partnered with Yext which is a company that manages your business’ information and makes sure it is always in-sync. It is all about having your information related to the location of your business to be accurate within multiple directories.

It is important for your business’s name, address and phone number or NAP to be readily available throughout the internet. Many people have their information showing up wrong or inconsistent and this will have a negative effect on your Google page rank. Yext fixes this problem and then some. Yext’s powerful system syncs all your content through their dashboard and updates all of your information across over 66 major directories. Many of them you probably never even heard of but do play a roll on how your site ranks on major search engines. As a partner and reseller of Yext we make sure to optimize your directory information NAP;

If you recently have opened up a new business or location Yext is great to make it easier for you to be found. Likewise, if you have multiple locations or your business moves a lot having Yext data manage all your content within their easy to use dashboard allows you to easily update your NAP.
When your digital presence is important to you, and page rankings matter, not including a data management service like Yext will be a costly mistake. What is great is if you are already active in using Google My Business GMB. Yext will integrate seamlessly with (GMB) and help enrich the content that is already there. Same is true with Facebook as well.

Let us help your business stand out. Contact us let us do a free analysis of your business listings. What matters to us is that we can create a positive result for your business and use the best tools to accomplish these tasks.